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Full access and email alerts

Never see a paywall again! Get instant access to all 190k articles and 150k Sens announcements and PDFs. You can also create News and Sens email alerts for specific JSE companies and engage with the community by commenting on articles and replying to other comments.

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Market indicators and data tools

Our subscription offers access to multiple tools that have been described by investment experts as unique and invaluable.

One such tool allows you to view and compare the performance of JSE share prices, unit trusts and other financial instruments, all on one graph.

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Create portfolios to monitor performance

Our Portfolio tool allows you to create your own portfolios to group and track the performance of JSE shares and unit trusts. You can add your own purchase price for each instrument, as well as descriptive notes to each portfolio. You also have the ability to download a CSV file of the history of the daily close values of the shares and unit trusts in your portfolio.

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You can easily manage your newsletter subscriptions and save articles to a list. Insider Gold users also see less advertising for a cleaner reading experience and personal preferences include the option to turn off the popup to our morning podcast.

Research before you invest

Source the best possible share and unit trust information to compare the performance of different investment options. Insider Gold users can view shares held per unit trust or see which unit trusts hold specific shares. You can also access up to 10 years of share prices, download annual reports in PDFs and more.

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Get quick access to business, financial and investment news, podcasts and market indicators. Exclusive to Moneyweb Insider Gold members, you can now log into the app, comment and access all articles and Sens announcements.

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Portfolio Tool / Watchlist:

  • Moneyweb's portfolio tool is not a trading platform. It's a tool to build custom portfolios to help you track the performance of JSE shares and unit trusts.
  • When a subscription is cancelled, expires or is on hold, portfolios and performance data will be updated for a maximum of three months. A user can resubscribe to gain access to their portfolios. However, the performance data from the inactive period will be lost if the subscription is not renewed or paid for within three months.

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