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I entered the financial services industry in 1997 after starting my career in the mechanical engineering field some years earlier. I believe that to be on top of your game it is necessary to continuously upskill yourself and keep up with technology and current trends. My stint in the engineering field most certainly helped me to get a deeper understanding of figures and honed my analytical skills.

Early in my career, I obtained my Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and I became accredited as a Certified Financial Planner®. I furthered my studies by obtaining my Advanced Postgraduate Diploma majoring in investments and estate planning.

The best reward that I can receive is when clients thank me for making a difference in their lives. I am client focused and endeavour to plan around the needs of each client. In order to provide optimal service I commit to partner with only 100 clients in support of WealthUp’s client servicing policy. I can proudly say that many of my clients have been relying on my advice and guidance for more than a decade.

I believe that financial planning goes beyond money and figures. It’s about planning, enhancing and protecting lives and livelihoods. It’s about emotions, feelings and security. Most of all, it’s about living life fully now.

Company info

WealthUp is a client-focused, fee-based, boutique financial planning business that was established in 2012. We believe that a financial plan cannot be constructed without gaining a deep understanding of our client’s history and experience with money. We also believe that clients should be rewarded and enjoy the fruits of their hard work during their lives and not only after retirement.

We go the extra mile when consulting with our clients to make sure we plan around their needs and wants. Our financial plans and guidance are tailor-made to suit each client’s specific individual needs. We achieve this by starting with life planning before structuring a practical implementable financial plan.

We are a team of 6 like-minded individuals who serve our global clients as a team and all our lead advisors are CFP® professionals. We are fiercely independent and our services do not require the purchase of a product. Our motto: Live life fully now.

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Should we cash in our investments and put the funds into our bond?

15 Aug 2023    1
There are various aspects to consider, but you could settle a portion of your bond and keep at least 50% of your current investments. ...
inflation, investment, market uncertainty, investment returns,

At 38, what’s the best way to save for retirement?

2 Aug 2023
One should aspire to accumulate sufficient wealth in both voluntary and compulsory funds. ...
retirement annuity rules, Devon Card, RA, retirement annuity, retirement planning, Allan Gray, Old Mutual, Section 14 transfer,

Can I open an RA for my mom then convert it into a living annuity?

5 Jul 2023
Three advisors answer this reader's question. ...

Which is better: Single or multiple retirement products?

27 Jun 2023
There are advantages to each option, but the underlying investment portfolio is more important than how many retirement products you have. ...
Adrian Saviile, fiscal cliff, Moneyweb@Midday

How should I invest my R28m lotto winnings?

4 Apr 2023    6
Two advisors answer this reader's question. ...
Marius Fenwick, multi-strategy hedge fund, hedge fund, investment insights, investment tips,

Why are hedge funds only available to a ‘select few’?

8 Feb 2023
That’s no longer entirely true – but as with all investments, there are hedge funds and there are hedgehogs. ...
REITs, Marius Fenwick, Listed commercial property, property investments, investment portfolio

How much must I allocate to property in my investment portfolio?

25 Jan 2023    1
One factor to consider is what you want to achieve by including property – is capital growth your main objective, or do you want to create an income-paying investment portfolio? ...

Should I invest R30k per month in ETFs or shares?

10 Jan 2023    6
Investments should consist of more than just equity investing. ...
Marius Fenwick, Michael Haldane, investing tips, investing advice, unit trusts, inflation, fixed deposit, purchasing power, capital gains tax, equity funds, interest rate hikes, income funds, money market funds,

Should I move all of my unit trusts into money markets?

29 Nov 2022    1
Two advisors answer this reader's question. ...

Is it possible for an investment to offer a profit of 3% per week?

16 Nov 2022    3
An investment can indeed offer a profit of 3% a week, but the real question is whether it will deliver … ...
Schalk Malan, BrightRock, life insurance payouts, SA life insurance

Should we cancel our life insurance and invest the contributions instead?

21 Sep 2022    1
The income requirement will always be the driver of how much you need in terms of investments and life cover. ...
ooba, timeshare, property scams, Jackie Smith, Buyers Trust, fake rental listings, phishing scams, government housing-assistance scams, scams, identity-theft, timeshare scams,

Is it a good idea to bond an investment property?

14 Jul 2022
It's the only way that an investment property makes sense. Here's why … ...

Should I switch out of my Coronation living annuity?

11 May 2022
This decision should be led by your view of China’s potential growth. ...

How should I go about finding a good financial advisor?

28 Apr 2022
I've met with three, with unsatisfactory outcomes. ...
Anet Ahern, PSG Asset Management, 60:40 portfolio, equity:bonds portfolio, asset management industry, Bond Performance,

I have offshore funds in a foreign bank. How can I invest these offshore?

31 Mar 2022
Three advisors answer this reader's question. ...

Should I pay my R10k available monthly into my bond or use it elsewhere?

8 Mar 2022
It depends on your overall current financial position. ...

Will I pay less tax if my father’s life policy is paid into my trust?

3 Mar 2022
Beneficiaries are not liable for tax on life assurance proceeds they receive, but there are a number of variables that need to be considered. ...
Saving,education costs, university fees, Money Rules, Devon Card, Crue Invest

What amount should I set aside to invest for my child’s education?

1 Mar 2022    1
It depends on how much you have available and how much the anticipated fees are going to be. ...
RSA Retail Bonds, rsa retail bonds review, Francois le Clus, investment advice, RSA Retail Savings Bonds, government bonds, sa government bonds,

At 35, would a five- or 10-year RSA Retail Bond be a good investment?

2 Dec 2021    2
Retail bonds are good solutions for retired individuals who need the income and who receive additional tax rebates. ...

Should I cash in my preservation fund to buy a rental property to supplement my income?

30 Nov 2021    5
Advantages and disadvantages of taking this approach. ...

Should you give your children an early inheritance?

12 Nov 2021
Marius Fenwick of WealthUp discusses what parents need to think about, from the best way to distribute their assets to the various taxes to take into account, with advice on how to think about sharing ...
residency by investment, capital migration, emigration through investment, Keith Engel, emigration, tax residency, financial emigration, plan B

Should I invest in a South African RA if I will be emigrating in the next two years?

19 Oct 2021    33
Would it be wiser to invest in a tax-free savings account or a normal investment account? ...

Marius's views

Living annuity: Be aware of the taxes when you die

4 Oct 2023
One must be mindful of the conditions that render them 'non-taxable'. ...

Can we ever be prepared for what life throws at us?

28 Sep 2023
A message about the importance of communication and preparation... ...

In retirement you sometimes have to be cruel to be kind…

14 Aug 2023
A look at some real-life scenarios that all families need to discuss and respect. ...

The five golden years before retirement

31 Jul 2023
This is the time to buckle down and tackle the last stretch tactically, practically, and realistically. ...

Retail bonds: Be careful of the unintended consequence

24 Jul 2023    4
Retail bonds are fantastic for a five-year investment strategy if you can reduce the tax created. ...

How much wealth should I have accumulated at this stage of my life?

18 Jul 2023    4
It depends on how much monthly income you will require in retirement and how much you want your loved ones to inherit the day you pass on. ...

The art of rebalancing your investment portfolio

22 Jun 2023
Rebalancing can be done systematically or strategically, but it must be done with purpose to keep the allocated target weights in balance. ...

Are active fund managers quasi-index trackers?

31 May 2023    1
And who holds the trump card? ...

Is Sars scrapping the R10m annual foreign investment allowance?

9 May 2023    3
Statements suggesting this are both misleading and plain B S … ...

The younger you want to retire, the bigger the challenges

25 Apr 2023    2
The more you need to earn in retirement, the larger your investment amount must be. ...

The two realities that destroy wealth during retirement

7 Mar 2023
Manage these well and you will be assured of a secure retirement. ...

From headwinds to tailwinds?

6 Feb 2023
The last three years have dealt a fair number of low blows to investors. In fact, the last five years have provided turbulent times and disappointing returns on a wide scale for everyone outside the U ...

Small percentages – big differences

9 Jan 2023
Have you ever considered the impact of compound interest in a negative way? ...

The lessons of 2022 – a new dawn in 2023?

22 Dec 2022    2
What must we be mindful of in 2023 and what are the opportunities?  ...

Developed markets are acting like emerging markets, what now?

23 Nov 2022    1
Portfolio construction today is more important than ever. ...

Contradicting Warren Buffett

10 Nov 2022    2
Investors wrongly believe that Buffett’s investment philosophy is one of vast diversity and broadly owning the market. ...

Confusion and uncertainty abound

1 Nov 2022
A look at the main concerns of investors. ...

Inflation – A fine balance

7 Oct 2022
How do you adjust portfolios to benefit from prevailing inflation and interest rate cycles irrespective of which way they are trending? ...

Investment and performance fees 101

22 Sep 2022
An explainer of how some of the larger managers charge performance fees and what impact fees have on investment returns. ...

Recent development may just be the kickstart to the SA economy

6 Sep 2022    2
A kickstart we desperately need! ...

Investment management fees and ‘double dipping’

30 Aug 2022    15
Over the past week, there was a report and an interview by another publisher with London-based fund manager Sean Peche who delved into fees and in particular performance fees raised by some large Sout ...

Unpacking the feasibility of SA Retail Bonds

17 Aug 2022
How do these bonds shape up over periods longer than five years and how safe are they? ...

The big unwind

8 Aug 2022
Since the GFC, growth style investing dominated. This has started to revert to the value style investing and it is expected to continue with this pattern. ...

Recession, inflation, rising rates and more: Are we doomed?

19 Jul 2022
Don't let the noise cloud your vision and entice you to deviate away from basic investment principles. ...

We all need good news… let’s connect the dots

18 May 2022
A look at some of the positive milestones SA has achieved. ...

The optimal offshore exposure in a living annuity

26 Apr 2022
It depends on the level of income that you draw against the investment value. ...

The double-edged sword

13 Apr 2022
Too much savings in retirement funds and too much emphasis on your primary residence can lead to future hardship… ...

Investors’ ‘safe asset dilemma’

7 Apr 2022    1
Be prepared for higher levels of volatility in so-called low-risk funds. The 60/40 conundrum. ...

Price matters when you invest

14 Feb 2022
There comes a time to buy and a time to sell… ...

Prepare for higher inflation and interest rates – how robust is your portfolio?

21 Jan 2022
The only asset class that benefits from higher interest rates is cash. ...

Losing a loved one: The challenges, lessons, and emotions

14 Jan 2022
It is important to let people know exactly how you wish to be treated after your death. ...

Did you know that your investment portfolio is probably exposed to Eskom?

22 Dec 2021
And that is not necessarily a bad thing… ...

2021 investment returns were exceptional

13 Dec 2021
Do you feel lucky going forward? ...

Investing in property: The good, bad and the ugly

17 Nov 2021
Property is a great diversifier in a portfolio. However, like any asset, be mindful of the price you pay for it. ...

Do you really need a financial advisor?

10 Nov 2021
For those who battle to remain sane during trying times, contracting a suitably qualified financial planner may be preferred. ...

Inclusive financial planning – involve your life partner

27 Oct 2021
It is your responsibility to keep your life partner informed of what their financial lives are going to be like should you pass on tomorrow. ...

Retirement blues

13 Oct 2021    4
Retirement can be very traumatic, but it does not have to be and fortunately for many retirees it is not. ...

The active vs passive fund debate: Which is best?

30 Sep 2021    10
By using a combination of active and passive fund managers one ends up with the best of both worlds. ...

Prudent investing – during all walks and phases of life

22 Sep 2021    7
A guide to assist you in times of uncertainty caused by life changes or any other eventuality. ...

Living annuities: Be careful, too much offshore exposure can hurt you

16 Sep 2021    6
To minimise volatility within a living annuity a suitable amount of capital must always be retained in the currency that you live in. ...

Understand your most important asset – your retirement fund

7 Sep 2021    4
Seven questions you need to ask to understand your fund better. ...

Investments: Beware of the cost of conservatism

1 Sep 2021
In order for conservative investors to reach their long-term investment goal, they will have to invest more than a person who is willing and able to accept higher levels of volatility. ...

Financial planning: It’s all about the income

20 Aug 2021    2
Financial planning should be all-encompassing and take all your assets and sources of income into consideration. ...

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