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Articles written by financial advisors.

What is more important – saving for retirement or your child’s education?

Retirement savings should always be prioritised, and if you still have extra cash left over, you can set aside some funds for your children's schooling.

Why a passive approach may be exposing you to more risk than expected

Passive investing has its role but it should definitely be analysed holistically within a portfolio.

Living annuity: Be aware of the taxes when you die

One must be mindful of the conditions that render them 'non-taxable'.

What’s in a name? The important role of beneficiary nomination in your estate plan

Incorrect nomination can materially affect the nature of the policy, result in additional estate costs, and reduce the inheritance received by your loved ones.

September economic update

Heightened uncertainty has led to a drop in equities.

Building a trusting relationship with your financial advisor

Three key characteristics to look out for.

Financial Planning Week: The benefits of an integrated financial plan

A well-constructed financial plan should address all aspects of your portfolio.

Preserving your wealth: Investment strategies for estate planning

An investment which bypasses the winding-up process is suitable for estate planning purposes.

Navigating the investment fee landscape

Exploring some real-life examples that illustrate the compound effect of some of the main fees involved in investing.

Can we ever be prepared for what life throws at us?

A message about the importance of communication and preparation...

Financial planning and peace of mind

How do you achieve this in a world where it seems impossible?

Preservation funds: An option for the proceeds of company-sponsored retirement funds

It is important to fully understand the mechanisms of a preservation fund before selecting it as an option in your overall portfolio.

The payout of retirement fund death benefits: Your questions answered

The payout of a member’s death benefits can realistically take up to a year before their dependants receive their share of the funds.

Navigating tax on living annuities when emigrating

How to ensure correct taxation.

How to double your portfolio

Asset allocation plays a critical role in achieving this outcome.

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