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OpenAI seeks $90bn valuation in possible share sale, WSJ says

27 Sep 2023 /  Molly Schuetz, Bloomberg
Microsoft has invested $13bn in OpenAI, which was co-founded by Sam Altman.

Fear of being made obsolete grips college-educated US workers

17 Sep 2023 /  Jo Constantz, Bloomberg
Some 22% of US workers now fear that they could be sidelined by technology, up from 15% two years ago.

Google turns 25, but will it survive AI?

9 Sep 2023 /  Mark Sanderson, Julian Thomas, Kieran Hegarty and Lisa M Given
The search engine revolutionised how we access information.

Your business guide to navigating chatbots

9 Sep 2023 /  Greg Dart
'Cheaping out on a chatbot is bad business. Don’t do it – period.'

Google unveils AI tools for enterprise customers at R550 a month

30 Aug 2023 /  Jaspreet Singh, Reuters
The price is the same as rival Microsoft's "Copilot" AI-powered office software suite that includes Teams and Outlook.

OpenAI nears $1bn of annual sales as ChatGPT takes off

30 Aug 2023 /  Ed Ludlow, Bloomberg
The rollout of ChatGPT Enterprise is a move forward in OpenAI’s plans to make money from its ubiquitous chatbot.

OpenAI unveils ChatGPT for businesses, stepping up revenue push

29 Aug 2023 /  Rachel Metz, Bloomberg
The new tool includes unlimited use of OpenAI’s most powerful generative AI model, GPT-4, as well as data encryption and a guarantee that the startup won’t use data from customers to develop its technology.

AI chatbots help web content farms copy work from top publishers, report says

27 Aug 2023 /  Rachel Metz, Bloomberg
Offering a glimpse into how artificial intelligence tools risk undermining media companies and muddying the online news industry.

3 ways AI is transforming music

27 Aug 2023 /  Jason Palamara
Some dark possibilities do lie ahead for humanity and AI. Still, at least in the realm of musical AI, there is cause for some optimism.

We’re talking about AI a lot right now …

27 Aug 2023 /  Kimberley Hardcastle
And it’s not a moment too soon.

Deepfake imposter scams are driving a new wave of fraud

26 Aug 2023 /  Nabila Ahmed, Adam Haigh, Ainsley Thomson and Ellie Harmsworth, Bloomberg
The AI explosion offers not only new tools but also the potential for life-changing financial loss.

Chatbots, AI news readers: Asia embraces automation despite job loss fears

5 Aug 2023 /  Thomson Reuters Foundation
While fewer jobs in EMs are exposed to automation than developed markets, more than 10% of jobs in India and nearly a fifth in the Philippines could be lost to AI: Report.

War, AI and climate change shake up $32trn in global trade

1 Aug 2023 /  Bloomberg News
Traffic is surging as the US tries to source more supplies from Mexico because of the trade war with China.

Investors are happy to pay premium for tech, but not for AI

31 Jul 2023 /  Jackie Davalos, Bloomberg
Unlike during the dot-com bubble of the 2000s, AI isn’t entirely based on speculation, given the slew of practical applications that are already in the works, albeit in the early stages.

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