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Ether-futures ETF filings return en masse amid crypto optimism

3 Aug 2023 /  Vildana Hajric, Bloomberg
'Someone takes a stab at a filing and then the FOMO from other issuers occurs and multiple filings appear,' said Todd Sohn, ETF strategist at Strategas.

Ethereum software infrastructure provider Flashbots raises $60m

26 Jul 2023 /  Muyao Shen, Bloomberg
To help finance the development of a new version of the technology. 

Ether’s hazy status at the SEC leaves the token far behind the rally in bitcoin

26 Jun 2023 /  Sidhartha Shukla, Bloomberg
The SEC this month labeled 19 coins unregistered securities in lawsuits against the Binance Holdings and Coinbase Global crypto exchanges.

Ethereum founder Buterin weighs a more private transaction system

24 Jan 2023 /  David Pan
Ranging from money and financial transactions as well as non-fungible token transfers by allowing users to create 'stealth addresses'.

Ethereum co-founder warns against Singapore’s crypto regulations

20 Nov 2022 /  Yoojung Lee, Bloomberg
Singapore is seeking to clamp down on retail-investor access to crypto trading to reduce risks to consumers from the market’s volatility.

Ethereum insiders to get fee cuts that others won’t in upgrade

7 Nov 2022 /  Olga Kharif, Bloomberg
One of the justifications for the WARM Coinbase change is that it should help improve economics of the builders’ business.

Bitcoin, Ether take major revamp of Ethereum network in stride

15 Sep 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger, Suvashree Ghosh and Sidhartha Shukla, Bloomberg
ESG-conscious institutional investors may use this as an opportunity to dip their toes into blockchain, tokens, and Ethereum – Satori Research co-founder.

Ethereum completes long-awaited energy-saving ‘Merge’ upgrade

15 Sep 2022 /  Bloomberg News
Cryptocurrency's price has swung wildly ahead of the Merge.

Liquidity risk a side effect of Ethereum crypto upgrade

14 Sep 2022 /  Olga Kharif, Bloomberg
Ether investors expected to lock up tokens in special digital wallets that earn a return once the 'Merge' takes place.

Ether snaps at bitcoin’s heels in race for crypto crown

13 Sep 2022 /  Medha Singh and Lisa Pauline Mattackal, Reuters
Ahead of the 'Merge'.

The Ethereum merge could kick off a transformation in crypto’s battered reputation

12 Sep 2022 /  Jean-Philippe Serbera
The huge project to change the way the underlying blockchain operates could help improve the image of cryptocurrencies and attract institutional and retail investors.

Battered DeFi investors put their hopes in Ethereum revamp

30 May 2022 /  David Pan, Bloomberg
Bullish sentiment around the hotly-anticipated 'Merge' unlikely to spread to the broader market.

Ethereum co-founder says he’s no longer a billionaire

23 May 2022 /  Scott Carpenter, Bloomberg
The price of the Ether token, associated with the blockchain, has fallen 55% since November.

Ether could sink another 80%, chart watcher says

17 May 2022 /  Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg
Technical analyst ether is “oversold daily and oversold weekly and cannot rally,” Roque said in a note Monday.

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