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Fixing the twin icons of crisis bedevilling the country

4 Oct 2023 /  Khaya Sithole
Derby and De Ruyter are out, but that doesn’t mean the issues around Transnet and Eskom will be any easier to resolve.

Vehicles: How could this possibly be an investment?

4 Oct 2023 /  Jimmy Moyaha
By definition, it is a depreciable asset – but can the right one make you money?
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What are AMC notes, and are they worth a look?

2 Oct 2023 /  Keith McLachlan
Investors now have another investment product to choose from.

Looking for lions

2 Oct 2023 /  Cathy Buckle
When it's light enough, we go looking for lions; the bush is thick, the grass tall.

Should you include infrastructure in your investment portfolio?

20 Sep 2023 /  Jimmy Moyaha
It may just be the foundation it needs.

Zimbabweans don’t want to be refugees in foreign lands 

19 Sep 2023 /  Cathy Buckle
And if we end up there, it is by necessity, not choice.
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Two categories of businesses investors should avoid

18 Sep 2023 /  Keith McLachlan
Those that are unlistable – either because they don’t benefit from transparency, or because they are too complex.

Austerity and hunger games

18 Sep 2023 /  Khaya Sithole
Social protection measures are easier to defend when anchored by policy, but the safety net more than 13m South Africans hoped to be part of this year remains a drifting idea …

Walking to the edge in Zimbabwe’s election

11 Sep 2023 /  Cathy Buckle
So many people took so many risks as they walked to the edge in Zim’s election but now stand alone, and the fallout continues.

Transaction financing: It takes money to make money

6 Sep 2023 /  Jimmy Moyaha
What if instead of using your bank credit facility to purchase a shiny Merc, you elected to finance a business transaction that would make you a 10% return?
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Barbaric relic beats the JSE

4 Sep 2023 /  Keith McLachlan
Our domestic equity market with all its cash flows and dividends was outperformed by a lump of inert gold.

Fueling the inflation fight

4 Sep 2023 /  Khaya Sithole
Much of what drove the cost-of-living spike was due to exogenous supply shocks – a reality that fueled part of the tension between the Reserve Bank and SA citizens.

Zimbabwe elections: Now we wait with fear in our hearts

25 Aug 2023 /  Cathy Buckle
Over the years, we’ve watched democratic space shrink and repressive laws grow.

Art: A billionaire’s side hustle

23 Aug 2023 /  Jimmy Moyaha
Why would anyone want to own a piece of canvas with a tainted past?
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Grindrod and Spur: Two updates, two gems

21 Aug 2023 /  Keith McLachlan
Both counters are going places – and both have low valuations.

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