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Looking for residency abroad?

3 Mar 2023 /  Simon Brown
Big misconceptions include the need to find employment abroad, taking out a large amount of capital, and purchasing a property: Dani van Vuuren at Sovereign Trust (SA).

Thoughts on investing offshore and the 2023 Budget

28 Feb 2023 /  Dr Francois Stofberg
Options for investors until the rand strengthens significantly.
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Exercise caution when investing in China

27 Jan 2023 /  Simon Brown
Recent outperformance in Chinese markets shouldn't be extrapolated, and from a portfolio perspective, it's always prudent to have a globally diversified portfolio: Kyle Wales at Flagship Asset Management.
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Keep calm and play the long game

15 Dec 2022 /  Jeanette Clark
A period of global economic turmoil is a time to remember one’s investment goals and make strategic adjustments – if necessary.

‘Plan B’ for SA residents

15 Oct 2022 /  Jashwin Baijoo
A look at emigration through investment.

Can I purchase an offshore insurance policy?

6 Oct 2022 /  Jonathan Braans and Michael Haldane
Two advisors answer this reader's question.
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Expats: Keep retirement savings in SA or move them offshore?

9 Sep 2022 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko
PSG Wealth's Elke Brink looks at what to consider when weighing up the two options, how best to move funds offshore and the tax implications of doing so, and how to access SA-earned income abroad.

How should I invest R1.2m for maximum capital growth?

7 Sep 2022 /  Jonathan Braans
You can split your capital between an all-equity portfolio offshore and SA equity and bonds.
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Is investing in whisky casks as smooth as the tipple itself?

26 Aug 2022 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko
Michael Haldane of Global & Local The Investment Experts discusses investing in whisky casks as opposed to bottles of rare whisky, how to choose the right cask and not overpay, expected returns and risks to be aware of.

Sars pours cold water on offshore tax gimmicks 

22 Aug 2022 /  Colleen Kaufmann and Monique Carvalho
There are international structures that are perfectly legal, and there are others that create significant compliance risk for the unsuspecting investor.
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[TOP STORY] Finding direction when looking at shares

15 Aug 2022 /  Simon Brown
Keith McLachlan of Integral Asset Management shares his method of screening the vast universe of investible stocks to select a few worth looking at.
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[TOP STORY] The CoreShares S&P ETF that’s free of tech

25 Jul 2022 /  Simon Brown
These ‘really are the kind of companies that have proven their track record through cash flow and dividend payments’ – Chris Rule on the CoreShares S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF.
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[TOP STORY] Levi Strauss numbers ‘really, really good’

21 Jul 2022 /  Simon Brown
‘Levi's is in a great space, a great team. They're executing. They can carry on doing this for the next 10, 20 years’: Keith McLachlan – Integral Asset Management.
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[TOP STORY] How Fomo can drive investors to take everything offshore

18 Jul 2022 /  Simon Brown
South Africans have a hard time backing ourselves, so it's often a surprise when we see our market has out-performed international markets: Clive Eggers, GTC.

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