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Estate planning: Lessons from legal battles after death and divorce

12 Sep 2023 /  Amanda Visser
Fisa’s Louis van Vuren on why an ironclad will is vital.
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A well-written will creates order and certainty

11 Sep 2023 /  Amanda Visser
It considers the numbers, the family dynamics, and the future.
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Proper protection for RAF and medical negligence awards

8 Mar 2023 /  Amanda Visser
South Africa has seen a significant increase in the number and payouts of claims against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) as well as in medical negligence cases. A major concern is the protection of the awards made to people who were severely injured or who have reduced legal capacity.
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Glossary of the different marital regimes in SA

7 Mar 2023 /  Amanda Visser
One must understand the different marital regimes in South Africa and the impact of one’s choice.
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Concerns about amendments to the Trust Property Control Act

6 Mar 2023 /  Amanda Visser
Louis Van Vuren, CEO of the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa, points out that the legislation cannot be rationally connected to the purpose for which it was promulgated.
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Protecting assets arising from a Road Accident Fund or medical-negligence claim

7 Sep 2022 /  Amanda Visser
Fisa vice-chair Penelope du Plessis unpacks complexities associated with RAF or medical-negligence claims – particularly instances where trust appointments should be avoided.
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Service delivery failures at masters’ offices impact the economy

6 Sep 2022 /  Amanda Visser
SA needs a new approach, particularly with regards to the administration of deceased estates.
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Never allow the estate tax tail to wag the planning dog

5 Sep 2022 /  Amanda Visser
Fisa CEO Louis van Vuren presents a theoretical case study of drawing up a will, with possibly unrecognised pitfalls leading to negative outcomes after the testator’s death.
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Stumbling blocks to winding up deceased estates

16 Mar 2022 /  Amanda Visser
Angélique Visser, national councillor at Fisa, explains the so-called ‘three Ps’ that can delay the winding up of a deceased estate.
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Anomaly in two important pieces of legislation addressed

15 Mar 2022 /  Amanda Visser
Recent case again emphasises the importance of a will.
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Avoid these pitfalls when drafting your will

14 Mar 2022 /  Amanda Visser
Fisa chair Ian Brink explains how vague or unclear testamentary instructions when drafting a will, as well as inadequately identified heirs, can delay the finalisation of this important document.
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The important role of independent trustees in a family business trust

1 Sep 2021 /  Amanda Visser
It is critical for trustees to remain impartial.
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The main considerations when nominating an executor of your estate

31 Aug 2021 /  Amanda Visser
If an executor has to make a decision that will affect their own rights or the rights of people connected to them, this can have serious consequences – Fisa CEO Louis van Vuren.
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Proper knowledge is necessary when dealing with wills and powers of attorney

30 Aug 2021 /  Amanda Visser
Understanding the importance of expert advice when drafting a valid power of attorney and executable will may save you time and money.

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