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Vehicles: How could this possibly be an investment?

4 Oct 2023 /  Jimmy Moyaha
By definition, it is a depreciable asset – but can the right one make you money?

How short-sightedness hurts your investments in the long term

3 Oct 2023 /  Francois Stofberg
Short-term market fluctuations can have investors running after deceptive returns.
The Property Pod

Keillen Ndlovu on listed property being ‘out of favour’

3 Oct 2023 /  Suren Naidoo
‘The sector, in terms of sentiment, I would say has probably hit a low. Even looking at valuations, the discounts to net asset value are at the highest levels we've seen – at 40%-plus. So take out the Covid era or lockdown days, and this sector is probably at its cheapest levels,’ says the independent property boffin.
Off the Radar

What are AMC notes, and are they worth a look?

2 Oct 2023 /  Keith McLachlan
Investors now have another investment product to choose from.

Vukile targets growth in rural retail

2 Oct 2023 /  Akhona Matshoba
As cash remains king and trading densities hold strong in these markets.

Private equity is piling debt on itself like never before

1 Oct 2023 /  Laura Benitez and Silas Brown, Bloomberg
Some investors warn that buyout firms are borrowing at interest rates of as much as 19% and the risk of wider fallout is growing.

Mall of Africa owner Attacq delivers double-digit dividend growth

28 Sep 2023 /  Suren Naidoo
Due to higher operating income from the group's home portfolio and lower finance costs.
The Property Pod

Revenge travel? Cape Town’s international tourism boom

26 Sep 2023 /  Suren Naidoo
'International tourist arrivals have already surpassed the 2019 numbers – the pre-Covid numbers – and we're not even into our high season yet’: Enver Duminy, CEO of Cape Town Tourism.

The most popular options trade turns a $1 investment into a $1 000 stock bet

25 Sep 2023 /  Lu Wang, Bloomberg
Buyers in the trade are effectively paying $1 to control $1 000 of shares, and the price movement from these shares determines their returns, typically in an amplified manner.

Only fund beating Nasdaq long-term is defying stock-picking odds

23 Sep 2023 /  Justina Lee, Bloomberg
Betting big on a few names is a strategy with exceedingly dismal odds

Excessive rate hikes by big metros unsustainable – Sapoa

22 Sep 2023 /  Akhona Matshoba
Commercial property body says it has reached out to key SA cities to begin a consultation process.

Hyprop delivers double-digit distributable income growth

21 Sep 2023 /  Suren Naidoo
But warns the 2024 financial year could see a drop by a comparable margin, due largely to the impact of higher interest rates.

What should I be aware of regarding interest that accrues in an ETF?

21 Sep 2023 /  Carl Isernhinke
Will I pay more tax if I withdraw interest from the fund before it is older than a year?

Retailability’s riots-hit Durban distribution centre reopens

21 Sep 2023 /  Akhona Matshoba
Following the 2021 July unrest in KwaZulu-Natal, the retail group that owns Edgars and Legit was forced to move out a month after moving in due to destruction caused to the warehouse.

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