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How can I maximise R2.5m while protecting the capital?

3 Oct 2023 /  Gareth Collier and Michael Haldane
Two advisors answer this reader's question.

Maximising value in challenging economic times

1 Oct 2023 /  Buli Ndlovu
A financial spring clean is the perfect way to reset your financial situation and re-evaluate your goals.

Spring weather changes are here – your hail survival guide

30 Sep 2023 /  Attie Blaauw
Being prepared for the season can help significantly minimise costly damage.
Money Rules Podcast

Going to the chapel … but are you financially compatible with your partner?

29 Sep 2023 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko
Chrisley Botha of PSG Wealth discusses the questions couples need to ask before getting married.

Is it a good idea to put the funds from a property sale into a RA?

26 Sep 2023 /  Eric Jordaan
You could contribute the full proceeds to your retirement annuity, or only contribute the maximum tax deduction and put the rest into another investment solution.

What should I be aware of regarding interest that accrues in an ETF?

21 Sep 2023 /  Carl Isernhinke
Will I pay more tax if I withdraw interest from the fund before it is older than a year?

If I cash in my late wife’s RA, will I still qualify to take R550k tax-free from my RA? 

20 Sep 2023 /  Michael Haldane
The death benefit of an RA is taxed in the hands of the deceased and will not affect your own exclusion.

Married in community of property and your spouse dies – do you get everything, not just half?

19 Sep 2023 /  Munaf Mukadam
The share belonging to the surviving spouse is indisputable, but they are not automatically entitled to the entire estate.

Transaction financing: It takes money to make money

6 Sep 2023 /  Jimmy Moyaha
What if instead of using your bank credit facility to purchase a shiny Merc, you elected to finance a business transaction that would make you a 10% return?

What happens to all the extra investments I made into my RAs?

5 Sep 2023 /  Francois le Clus
And what other options are there for me to reduce the extra tax I need to pay each year?
Money Rules Podcast

Two years to varsity… There is still time to save – here’s how

1 Sep 2023 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko
Devon Card of Crue Invest discusses practical tips and offers a step-by-step roadmap for planning your child's higher education costs.

I plan to retire at 51, but access my funds at 61. How should I handle these at 55?

30 Aug 2023 /  Munaf Mukadam
It may prove tax-efficient to implement a retirement income plan at 55 and to withdraw an income that is under the tax threshold.

Alternative vehicle financing products to become more important in SA

28 Aug 2023 /  Roy Cokayne
Rental, private leasing, and rent-to-buy are seen as ways to address SA's vehicle affordability problem.

The unpaid work burden

26 Aug 2023 /  Nonzaliseko Phamane
How women can protect themselves financially.

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