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I am a Director and Wealth Manager at Paragon Wealth Managers and founder of Paragon Investment Partners which operates as as a Discretionary Investment Manager.

After completing my Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Investment Management (UJ) I joined Iza Wealth specializing in offshore investments and global wealth structuring . In 2019, I moved to Cape Town and worked as an investment analyst at Star Investment Partners assisting with their asset management and research. I was called back to JHB to assist with Iza Wealth’s offshore and local investment solutions as well as running their model portfolios.

I am currently studying a global MBA through the renowned Oxford Brookes University (UK).

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Paragon Wealth Managers is an independent Wealth Management firm founded on a shared investment philosophy of striving for excellence which underlies our business today. We strive to build long-lasting, personal relationships with our clients by providing professional, responsive, and friendly service and advice whether you are a new or an existing client. Our Mission is to emulate the Paragon Definition which is “a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence”. We strive to deliver excellence in all aspects of our business and to deliver best in class service and offerings to our valued clients.

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US debt still a long-term concern

15 Aug 2023
Analysis of results from MTN and a look at the impact of Fitch’s downgrade of the US. ...

How AI is lifting the S&P 500

12 Jul 2023
So far only a handful of stocks have benefited from the AI hype and the underlying market has remained relatively subdued: Sean Kelly – Paragon Wealth Managers. ...
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Investing styles: Value vs growth

13 Jun 2023    2
Whatever your investment style, ‘remaining diversified is a key metric for long-term portfolio returns and risk mitigation’: Sean Kelly – Paragon Wealth Managers. ...

Sean's views

Navigating the investment fee landscape

29 Sep 2023
Exploring some real-life examples that illustrate the compound effect of some of the main fees involved in investing. ...

The rand rollercoaster

18 Sep 2023
While rand volatility might discourage some investors, it also presents opportunities for those with a long-term investment horizon. ...

Active vs passive – the alpha debate continues

7 Sep 2023    1
A look at the historical performance of both approaches to see who wins. ...

The downgrade Fed: Washington or Wall Street?

22 Aug 2023
Ironically, the market now appears to be pricing in no recession. ...

A look at the Q2 2023 earnings season

3 Aug 2023
Just how well has each sector done against the expectations set by analysts? ...

The Magnificent 7: How AI is lifting the S&P 500

19 Jul 2023    2
These seven stocks are playing a major role in lifting the US and global indices. ...

ESG – Superior or just unique?

7 Jul 2023
While ESG alignment can be seen as a positive feature in a company's operational ethics, it shouldn't be the only factor in evaluating an investment's potential return. ...

The Fed may have paused on interest rate hikes, but what’s next?

22 Jun 2023
The market’s expectations are more dovish with most expecting one more hike of 0.25%. ...

Value vs growth investing

19 Jun 2023
Growth and value investing styles are often pitted against each other as an either-or option. But portfolios do have room for both. ...

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