• Case #1:
    The Beginner level

    1. you want to get an account but can’t pass the test and/or the sample essay
    2. You find someone to do it for you for a fee
    3. You share your login details with them
    4. they pass the registration and save your password, log in, and your other information to claim ownership of your account
    5. once you reach a certain level (let’s say “Advanced”) they log in, change your email and password
    6. You are left logged out with no way back in

    Summary: you’ve shared your personal information with someone else, which lead to you losing your account and money on it.

  • Case #2:
    The Intermediate level

    1. You buy an account from a seller
    2. they give you the credentials you need to log in (password, email)
    3. You transfer your hard earned money to the seller
    4. once the money is transferred, they change the password and/or email
    5. You’ve been scammed

    Summary: you have no way of returning the account back because you have neither the access to the email nor the documents to prove your identity.

  • Case #3:
    The Advanced level

    1. Someone sells you an account
    2. you pay the money and get the log-in details in return
    3. the seller contacts the Writers Department (who has more information about the account than you) notifying them that the account was hacked
    4. Writers Department requests you to provide proof of ownership of the account which you do not have
    5. You lost your money and the account

    Summary: you have no way of proving the ownership of the account to the Writers Department while the seller does, which means that you will lose the account and the money together.

Some food for thought..

By buying an account you are trusting a complete stranger who is involved in illegal activities to be completely honest and truthful with you.

Buying an account FAQ

  • Why shouldn’t I buy
    an account?

    There are a couple of reasons why you should not do that.

    1. You can easily get scammed by sellers;
    2. Writers Department checks writers’ activity very closely and notes anything odd right away;
    3. It’s against our Privacy Policy;
    4. The authorities may catch up with you for identity theft which is a criminal offense under any legal dispensation.
  • Can I buy it from my relative/close friend?

    No, you shouldn’t do that either. The Writers Department will notice the change on your account and/or in quality of writing and will close the account.

  • There are different communities on Facebook / Telegram / Whatsapp that sell accounts.
    Can I trust them?

    Absolutely not. Those communities are full of sellers who earn their living by scamming people Most of them are reselling the same accounts multiple times and are claiming that they sell “Advanced” or “Expert” level accounts, while, in reality, they may be the beginner ones. Those accounts that are advertised on these platforms are flagged and banned by Writers Department, so your newly bought account can fall victim and you will lose your hard-earned money.

  • I have a friend who bought an account and he is now doing great. Why can’t I do the same?

    While your friend has not yet been discovered, the Writers Department is always on the lookout for suspicious activity/behavior, which means that he will always be in danger of being caught. Plus, you never know what his seller is planning right now. So, better safe than sorry!